Tips & Guidelines

You can submit your mixes for mastering using our file transfer program on the Contact Page of this site. If you're not comfortable with this process (it's as easy as an email), then you can ask for our mailing address and send us a CD by snail mail.

Ensure a quality master

  • Send your mixes as .wav files. All recording software will give you an option to convert files to this format.
  • Send us titles/artist names of some music that you feel is similar to your genre and has the "sound" you would like to achieve.
  • Do NOT mix loud; leave that to us. Give us some headroom to work with. We can assure you that the final master will reach standard levels of loudness.
  • We cannot repair "clipping". If you recorded the vocal or an instrument and it went into the red creating distortion, redo the track and remix. We can't correct this. Also, we cannot auto-tune a mix.
  • Let us do any required fade-ins or fade-outs. Give us a note about how much fade you think is appropriate.
  • If there is ambient noise in the mix (e,g. electronic hum or hiss), give us a 10-second recording with just the ambient noise. We have filters that can remove it.
  • If you want a redbook master for replication or duplication, let us know the song order, song titles, band name, credits, ISRC number and any other important information. This text data can be included with the audio file on the master CD.