Check out some of these clips of various genres of music mastered in the Jazz Kitchen. Compare the mastered clips to the mixed but unmastered versions. Isn't this what you want for your music?


The final mix of a live "off-the-floor" recording of this famous jazz classic. Recorded using live performance mics rather than studio quality mics.

As with symphonic music, jazz generally requires a lighter touch than pop or rock. In this case, the mix was EQ'd to add some warmth to the mix and a gentle to moderate compression was added in addition to other processing. The final master is very pleasant listening.


This is a well-recorded indie rock song in its original final mix form.

The mastered version reflects current trends, heavy compression and "brickwall" limiting as well as other processing. Great sound for an indie band!

Classical soloist

This is the final mix of a famous classical piano solo. Recording sounds pretty good.

Gentle compression used plus some recital hall reverb. Note that the recording is now much warmer sounding.

Live Musical Theatre

This clip is from a live theatre performance. Recorded using five mics above the stage.

After mastering I was able to remove audience noise such as coughs, etc. and brought the quality of the already fine performance very close to a studio recording.

Classical Orchestra

This is a live performance recording of a full symphony orchestra.

Here's the same symphonic piece in its final mastered form. In classical music, a light touch is needed for mastering. Very slight compression has been used. I have adjusted some EQ to cut some irritating frequencies in the original and I have added a gentle verb to smooth things out a bit. Very nice now.

Where applicable, all clips used with permission of performer and composer.